My Dr.'s Joint Assist Chiropractic Pain Spray 1 oz
My Dr.'s Joint Assist Chiropractic Pain Spray 1 oz
My Dr.'s Joint Assist Chiropractic Pain Spray 1 oz
My Dr.'s Joint Assist Chiropractic Pain Spray 1 oz

My Dr.'s Joint Assist Chiropractic Pain Spray 1 oz

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Do you suffer from pain?

Eartheart Naturals "My Dr's Joint Assist Spray” is the world’s best instant pain relief product that lasts for hours, not minutes. First a cooling and than a warming relief.

Tense muscles hold lactic acid, and that’s part of what is making your body hurt.

Less tension means an increase in blood flow, in turn bringing oxygen to the sore muscles. Oxygen rich blood heals a painful joint and flushes the lactic acid away. 

Assists a sore back,neck, & shoulders.   

Assists Cramps in Stomach, leg, feet, menstrual, neck, back, calves, hands, etc.- arthritis in hands.         - swollen joints  - sports injuries  - sore tired feet     - ankle pain- hand, wrist, elbow pain -Kids bumps, bruises and growing pains.

My Dr’s Pain Spray features: all-natural menthol, jojoba, peppermint, eucalyptus & organic apple cider vinegar.

Because it’s all-natural, you can use as much as you need, as often as you want. No Side Effects. Safe for all ages.  Apply a quick mist to the sore area and start enjoying life again.

Assists: cramps, back pain, neck & shoulder pain, arthritis, swollen joints, muscle pain, sore tired feet, ankle, hand, wrist & elbow pain, sports injuries. It even helps with headaches, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, Sports injuries, falls, toothaches.

Assists with inflammation and soothes tired, achy, overworked muscles. Use it at least 2 times the first day so that it can get in and really start to work for you. Some people find that a few squirts each morning offer all-day relief. Others like to re-apply periodically throughout the day.

Some Testimonials:

”One spray on my cramped thigh and the tension disappeared immediately. I’ve never experienced relief this fast.” C.N.

”Cracked a rib, this spray helped my healing go faster and the pain was way less when I used my spray.” L.N.

E.N “my tooth was hurting and I actually had an infection in the gums. I put joint assist on my skin on the outside of my mouth, then I sprayed inside my mouth out of desperation and it worked so well! The infection is gone after a couple days of spraying!

Dog owner MN-“my dog gets hot spots, also has constant ear infections. I have been using the joint Assist on both issues and he is so much more relaxed.”

”during the summer I always get sores inside my nose from allergies. So painful that I can’t concentrate. I decided to spray joint Assist in my sore nostril. It was amazing instant relief and the soreness immediately went away... so then I had a sore itchy ear last week, I sprayed it right in my ear, it was pretty tingly for a while but my ear still feels great days later. What a cool product that works!”

“Our horses love the smell of Joint Assist, it seems to calm them down when we have it on us.”

“I hurt my knee really bad, so much so that I couldn’t bend it. I decided to use Joint Assist on both sides of my knee while I rested along with some ice. Swelling improved and I was back to walking fine next day.” C-MN

Ingredients: Water, Menthol (derived from peppermint oil), jojoba oil, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, organic apple cider vinegar.

For sore joints & muscles: apply 1-2 sprays on & around painful area. Spray on both sides of body that hurts, ie: legs, abdomen, shoulder, neck, etc. Do not massage in. Allow to dry on its own.

To use on face or head: spray on fingertips and massage into desired area.

For deep pain relief: Apply as directed above, wait 10 minutes then apply ice pack. Or try to take a hot shower before applying our pain spray. 

For increased energy: Apply on the back of your neck,wrists,and bottom of feet. 

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY -  Do not apply directly on face, open wounds or to mucus membranes. Peppermint & Clove oils can be an eye & skin irritant. If any irritation occurs, flush with water. 


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

My Dr.'s Joint Assist Chiropractic Pain Spray 1 oz
My Dr.'s Joint Assist Chiropractic Pain Spray 1 oz