Go Grapes Vineyard Helper

Go Grapes Vineyard Helper

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Your grapes want to be healthy!

Healthy plants can fight disease and insects off better than sick plants will.

Pierce’s Disease, attacks woody plants through the sap stream. Many things can weaken your grapevine: pH, nutrition deficiency, poor soil, etc. Conversely, if the root system is strong and healthy, the leaves, sap system, and fruit will withstand pathogens, insects, and drought.

We know what your vineyard needs, and we want you to stop losing plants each year, gain more yields, and be a “grape” success😉.

Eartheart Natural’s “Go Grapes” will make your vinery explode with new energy, so you can focus on the wine, not replacing plants.

15 pound, 3 pound, and 1 pound packages available, works great with fertigation systems, we also offer additional insect and disease supplements, contact us for large orders to save on shipping.