*Eco-Mite Plus

*Eco-Mite Plus

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Eco-Mite Plus® Botanical Insecticide Miticide

(5.0% Rosemary, 2.5% Rosemary Oil, 2.5% Peppermint Oil, 2.5% Cottonseed Oil)

Eco-Mite Plus is a contact miticide and insecticide, derived from botanical plant oils and extracts.

Effective for: Phytophagous Mites, eggs, and nymphs; Aphids, Mealybugs, Scale Crawlers, Thrips, Whiteflies, Psyllids, and other piercing-sucking insects. Eco-Mite Plus is a specialty blend of high quality, organically sourced, botanical oils and extracts providing higher concentrations and more effective control.

EPA Minimum Risk active ingredients allowed for use on food crops
• Specifically designed to avoid burning • Same day harvest