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Deblen the Turf Doctor - All Natural Lawn Fertilizer

Deblen the Turf Doctor - All Natural Lawn Fertilizer

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All natural lawn fertilizer. 

18-0-9 NPK phosphorus free 

Water soluble, 1 pound of product feeds 1000 square feet of grass. 



Trace minerals for pH balancing.

Plant based nitrogen for a “True” green color.

Mycorrhiza for vigorous soil health.

Has natural wetting agents to help conserve water.

Improves ground water, lakes, and rivers. 


Improves and regenerates topsoil nutrients, benefiting all above and below ground inhabitants. 

No need to keep your pets or kids off of freshly treated grass. There are zero toxins in our formula. 

Thickens grass as it feeds the soil, lessening weed growth naturally over time.

Safe for flowers, veggies, and trees. Will not burn anything. You cannot over-fertilize your grass with our products. 

Does not contain:

-herbicides (kills all living things and causes cancer in pets and people)

-urea as a nitrogen source (raises the ground temp and kills off new growth, beneficial microbes, and tips the pH off balance)if you see urea on your ingredients list, this is not good for the environment.

-Blood, feather, and bone meal(commercially raised meat animals are full of antibiotics, pesticides, vaccines, and diseases, so are the blood, feathers, and bones)this applies to “organic” fertilizer too.

-human sewage(need I say more?)

-synthetic ingredients(no way for the earth to break it down so it becomes part of the environment forever)

-inert ingredients(means 100’s of extra components that have no benefit but are still in your fertilizer, they don’t have to list these per EPA rules, scary!)



apply with pull behind sprayer, tank sprayer,  or our favorite is a hose/bib tank(from ez flo or the like) that you fill up with our powder and simply walk your lawn with a hand sprayer and hose while the siphon tank stays up by the house. Great exercise and no chemicals being sprayed, win win!