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Deblen the Turf Doctor Natural Lawn Food

Deblen the Turf Doctor Natural Lawn Food

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18-0-9 phosphorus free natural lawn fertilizer. 

Plant Based.

No animal based, toxic ingredients. 

Trace minerals and acids to balance and clean the topsoil.

Safe for pets, kids, and lakes.

No urea.

Real nitrogen from usable sources. 

No inert ingredients.

Environmentally conscious.

No weed killers, glyphosate, or herbicides.

Revitalizes soil to promote more carbon absorption, helping the earth.

A truly regenerative product. 

Balances soil which makes healthier, thicker grass, lessening weeds naturally over time. 

Water soluble, 1 lb of product mixed with water for ever 1000 square feet. Mix rate varies depending on your spray equipment and pressure/volume. Will not burn grass. 

With with fertigation tanks, spray tanks, and hose bib syphon tanks such as ezflo brand.