Peak Power nutrients industrial hemp/medicinal craft grow pack, outdoor, indoor, aero, hydro/SAVE with this sample size package!

Peak Power nutrients industrial hemp/medicinal craft grow pack, outdoor, indoor, aero, hydro/SAVE with this sample size package!

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5 Part-Peak Power All Natural Nutrient Growpack for 2-3 plants. This is a “sample size” kit. For a serious or big commercial grower, this is a great way to try our products and see how it performs compared to other nutrient lines.  Or for a home grower it just right. 
12 tsp(1/8 pound) of each nutrient means 12 gallons of mixed food. Each plant gets 1tsp per week. So if you feed this to 2 plants it’s a 20+ week grow. This will work great for a big potted plant or in ground plant for biggest yields, 
for smaller faster grows you can split this up as needed. 

1/8 pound bags of our premium Vegetative, blossom, and ripen phase nutrients; along with an 8 oz bottle of our CalMag supplement and a 1/8 pound of our veggies and more plant food(not in photo)to start your seeds, seedlings, and clones to build roots before the vegetative stage starts. 

The challenge of finding the best nutrition for your industrial hemp or medicinal crop is a real problem. Where do you find the most complete product line. Is it safe? Will it work? The Peak Power system works!

1tsp per plant per week it’s as simple as that. 

In many cases, The plants are ready as soon as they are harvestable, there is nothing to flush! Your soil or grow medium will determine that, and water quality. Use our water structuring products and grow medium to ensure the cleanest crops(on our website).

All Natural. No traces of any chemicals like UREA, Glyphosates, pesticides, etc. No fillers or inert ingredients ever.


Remember too that all nutrients are not created equal. You can try to find what is needed at different stores and websites, but you cannot be sure all are compatible with the other. Is it clean, effective, and will you have the healthiest finished crop afterwards? Don't compromise your hard earned time investment, don't leave your plants to the mercy of chemicals and cheap products.

Your finished plant is only as good as the Nutrient you use to grow it. Our Nutrient is the highest quality in the world. There is nothing like it anywhere, we guarantee it. From the first stage to the last, your crop can grow at it's optimum level. You won't know what your plants are capable of until you release peak potential with the "Peak Power" program from Eartheart Naturals! This is how you will achieve clean results in medical grade testing. While using our program, at no point during your grow, are there any chemicals, pesticides, or insecticides used to lower the quality of your final product when your grow is completed. Clean crops mean compliance with all medical or recreational guidelines. No Urea, no chemical bi products. Not one ingredient that is in our product is unsafe for people, animals, or the environment. This system in BEYOND Organic standards.



We recommend "Indigo and Fuchsia Organic Fence" for insects and/or mold. Protect your crops from rooting or destructive critters with "Crimson Organic Fence".

If you wish to use our nutrients in the ground, we offer "Soil Assist" as a chemical neutralizer to quickly rid the dirt of pesticides, insecticides, and all other harmful residuals.

Our Nutrients will also work well with hydro and aero-ponic application.