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AzaSol™ Non-Oil Based Water Soluble Powder (6% Azadirachtin)

AzaSol is a broad spectrum insecticide botanically derived from Neem. Effective for: Aphids, White Flies, Leafminers, Scale, Mealybugs, Thrips, Psyllids, Bugs, Flies, Fungus Gnats, Saw Flies, Caterpillars, Beetles, Weevils, Borers, Mole Crickets, Mushrooms Flies, Pests of Turf Grass and more.

What is Neem?
Neem is a tree native to India, Azadirachta indica. The seeds contain the active ingredient Azadirachtin, which is a proven natural anti-feedant, growth regulator, anti-ovipositor, and insect repellent. Neem oil is widely used in organic insect control, but in the oil form can cause clogging and burning and often has minimal active ingredient. The AzaSol Difference

AzaSol is a water soluble powder which comes from the highest quality Neem. Through its patented production process, AzaSol provides an exceptionally potent, non-oil based, and environmentally friendly insect control solution.

• 6% Azadirachtin offers highest active ingredient • No oily residue or clogging of equipment • Won’t burn leaves or block photosynthesis • Systemic & translaminar (Absorbed through leaves) • Same day harvest of food crops • OMRI Listed for organic use