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Collection: All Natural Lawn & Turf Products

Deblen the Lawn Doctor Lawn & Turf” plant food is an effective and all natural alternative to dangerous store bought or commercially applied lawn products. Most lawn fertilizers and herbicides can hurt and kill trees and are harmful to all living things. That’s why Deblen has developed their own.

No bone, blood, or feather meal, no urea, no inert ingredients. 

No phosphorus to comply with most state and county guidelines for lakes. 

Why are trace minerals valuable to your lawn? Every yard needs a balanced pH which requires a balance of minerals and compounds made by nature.

Without a proper pH plants won’t grow well…excluding grass, BECAUSE, Lawn chemical companies have figured out the perfect toxic recipe to somehow make grass green without nutrients.

The problem with this approach is that the chemicals kill off the soil and do not keep the nutrition levels up. PLUS killing weeds with herbicides compounds the problem. This all ruins the pH. 

So what is the alternative? If you want healthy soil, green grass, less weeds, and no worries about your kids and pets, you must have a complete nutrition program for you lawn

Let’s talk about weeds for a minute. Most folks don’t understand that all plants(including weeds) play an important role is balancing the pH on all surfaces on this earth. Each plant makes something as it grows to contribute to the soil’s makeup. For instance: dandelions produce some calcium as they grow. So, if you have lots of dandelions, your soil was in need of calcium, and when they are done growing, the correct pH was achieved after the dosing of calcium. The same thing will happen again each year. 

But most folks don’t like weeds, so what are we to do?

1.Burn, pull, and poison them every year, that’s one way. 

2.Live and let live, be flower children, and one with nature. 

Now before I tell you the 3rd, and in our opinion, best option, let’s mention an important and devious marketing scheme the lawn chemical gurus have come up with through years of lab experiments: If you pre-poison a weed with pre-emergent, the poison and grass fertilizer throws off the pH further at the start of the season. Since most weeds missions are to balance the pH, the alarm bells go off in them and they will try even harder to grow, showing up mid summer again. Next you spread weed and feed or spray the roundup, killing the visible weeds, making the pH wrong AGAIN, and on and on. Vicious cycle. The homeowner is unwittingly addicting themself to this awful process, being led around by the nose so to speak, just so they can have no weeds. Genius on the part of the big fertilizer companies! 
But dangerous for soil, kids, and pets. 

Ok back to option three:

3. Apply the right lawn food. “Deblen the Lawn Doctor Lawn and Turf” puts every trace mineral in your soil, along with mycorrhiza, plant based nitrogen, and other natural ingredients so that the soil pH starts balancing as soon as our plant food reaches the roots and soil. Over time, less and less weeds need to grow because they no longer have a job to do, because we are putting in what they usually are trying to produce to fix the nutrition deprived soil. No alarm bells, the grass is green, the soil is better, microbes return, and your yard is alive again. The longer you feed your grass with our product, the better your soil gets, and the less weeds will need to grow. 

Give your yard a break from chemicals, protect your loved ones, pets, and our precious soil, trees, lakes, and rivers, AND, get yourself some nice green grass.

You can have your cake and EAT IT TOO!