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Ingredients matter. If you use inferior nutrients made with low quality ingredients, your crops will have the residual of the ingredients that are in the nutrients you feed them as they grow. Even if they look healthy, tests will show otherwise. Chemicals, heavy metals, and pesticides are damaging to your crop, and to your ability to sell clean goods to your buyer or end consumer. 

Eartheart Naturals “Peak Power” line of industrial hemp growing products are the top shelf nutrients on the market. All natural, No discernible heavy metals, pesticides, or chemicals are present whenever hemp grown with our program is tested. 

North Atlantic Seakelp is the base for our nutrients list which means a clean food for your plants to grow up on. We do not use lagoon farmed Seakelp which is full of dirty run off water from heavily populated coastlines, therefore passing these chemical laden products to you. That along with everything else your Hemp plant wants to thrive. No blood meal, no urea, and no synthetic properties to lessen quality. It’s the very best available. Water soluble so it works with fertigation equipment, and is 100% available so every drip counts for something. 

Perfect for outdoor, indoor, aero, and hydro.  

No flush needed in final phase of growing, it’s already clean!

Will not contaminate ground water or waterways. Safe for bees and animals. 

You will also find our pest control products are safe as well. We will always be “beyond organic” at Eartheart Naturals.