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A message our founder: Len Nelson-"The Tree Doctor"


Eartheart Naturals unique water soluble plant foods use a base of the world’s best sea-kelp added to other all natural components. No urea, no animal manure, no blood meal, and no chemicals ever. 100% available with no waste.

Seakelp is a very hardy ocean plant that filters contamination in the water and can still grow well. This is why ours is never harvested from filthy farming lagoons and passed off as all natural.

We are proud of the fact that our seakelp comes from the pristine North Atlantic cold waters with no Industrial or metropolitan runoff guaranteed. It grows in clean water, so it is clean for your plants.

In addition to that it is filled with minerals, pre composted materials, micronutrients, Live microbes, and other important ingredients that plants need to thrive.

-Bigger fruits & vegetables

-brighter colors

-more phytonutrients & nutrition content

and the benefits go on and on. 

Safe for bees and other beneficial insects. Also promotes proper soil microbe action. 

You can be confident your veggies and flowers will be the best they can be.