Collection: Do weeds in my grass mean it’s unhealthy??

Take a look at a Deblen lawn and it’s beautiful, but look closer and you will find plants(weeds) hidden within the beautiful green grass. Do these weeds mean a Deblen lawn is unhealthy? Keep reading…

Our all natural lawn fertilizer service creates the greenest thickest grass with no restrictions for walking, playing, or usage after applications since we spray no poisons. That means you won't see any signs telling you it is dangerous to walk on your grass when wet. You can get out and play immediately! Our program helps the earth, your soil, and lake health. Our products do not hurt your birds, pollinators, beneficial insects. How is this possible? Keep reading...

"I use a chemical grass fertilizer service and my grass is already beautiful, so my grass must be healthy right?"

The answer is unfortunately NO. Grass fertilizer companies and seed companies have made a study of only one thing, creating green grass at all costs. They haven't tried, nor do they care about, trying to make the soil healthy under the grass while it grows, it just needs to be green.  Nitrogen from any source triggers the growth and color you see in grass, it's automatic. Plants use nitrogen, we don't argue this point. This is similar to modern agriculture. Mono-crops like corn, soybeans, etc. can grow in dead soil as long as you feed the seeds and plants lots of Nitrogen and other components, even when the fertilizer is a synthetic by-product. Grass is a mono-crop, you harvest it when you mow the lawn. The fertilizer companies have perfected growing grass on top of dead soil. They have capitalized on the beauty and prestige of the "perfect", weed-free lawn. The demand for this is high and very competitive. Here's the problem, without plant diversity in your soil such as "weeds", flowers, fungus, mushrooms, vines, trees, and bushes, the soil is deficient of what is needed to keep it soft, moving, and alive. Dead hard soil under your green lawn cannot absorb rain or irrigation water, this causes run-off to the lowest topography, which is the lakes and rivers in the Minnesota lake country. The 100's of pounds of toxic liquids sprayed on your grass to force growth, kill weeds, and kill insects each year goes right into the lakes and rivers like a rocket ship. Everyone is concerned about the lake water, but the soil in your yard is where it starts. Healthy soil equals healthy lake water. There are also concerns about drift and residual from yard chemicals to trees, people, pets, and wildlife. You can learn more about the dangers of yard chemicals to our lakes and wildlife by clicking here. 

"I don't spray any chemicals in my yard. Can my soil still be be depleted?"

Yes. Some untouched or wild soil is very sandy, dense, and leans very acidic or very alkaline if you let it stay native and untouched. This is a good thing, but some people want a manicured yard in spite of this "problem". Is this able to be safely changed if it doesn't work for your plans for your yard? Again, yes! For example, if you have a home that has mainly pine trees, and very little grass, we can naturally add our pH balancing nutrients that keep the trees very happy, but also supplements the soil to allow grass seed to sprout in spite of the acidic soil.

Many folks will gently aerate the native soil, spread a thin layer of soft black dirt, seed, and then have us begin feeding their yards. We are applying food for your soil that is promoting life. We are giving trace minerals, plant-based nitrogen, mycorrhizal fungi, and other components that keep the soil alive under the lawn. We create a diverse microbiome so everything can live happily, the pH will self balance around each plant and root individually with out nutrition program. This allows a monocrop like grass to thrive without the soil depletion. You can have your cake and eat it too. 

"Can I plant wild grasses and flowers around my property and on my lake shore if I have Deblen treat my lawn?"

Yes Absolutely! But remember, when you have yard chemicals sprayed on your grass, the soil close to your lawn is dead. So adding wildflowers, buffer zones, butterfly gardens, etc is a fight to survive for them. This is because the very chemicals sprayed to keep the grass perfect is killing what keeps the wild plants alive. 

Not so when you have Deblen treat your lawn. In fact when we spray your grass with soil balancing nutrients, we also spray your butterfly gardens, veggies, buffer zones, and wildflowers. The soil thrives and so everything in your yard thrives too.

"I'm building a new home and want a golf course-like lawn, can Deblen's lawn service help me achieve this?"

Yes, having us immediately begin our program on your new grass is always best. Your newly sculpted yard is going to make a lovely landscape. There are a few problems starting out though. In nature, turning the soil or tilling soil kills everything in it. All new fill, black dirt, even graded existing soil. If it is dug up, it's no longer alive. If you hydroseed or install sod over this, you will still have dead soil under them. Our nutrients, trace minerals, plant based nitrogen, and mycorrhizal fungi immediately go to work on resurrecting the dead soil and gets better each time we treat your lawn.

The opposite is true if you have a chemical service fertilize your new seed or sod. The grass is the only thing that will ever be alive and all the problems with compacted dead soil underneath will be permanent as long as yard chemicals are used.

"What about weeds? I hate weeds!"

So this is tricky. Deblen does not and will never spray pesticides, preemergents, or herbicides on your lawn to kill weeds. Don't ask us to, we won't do it.

Weeds are very interesting plants.  Click here to read our page about the weeds in your yard. Every weed produces something important for the soil to balance its composition, and when you poison them and they shrivel up, they keep trying to grow again because they still have a job you have prevented them from doing. This is one reason why weeds become tolerant to herbicides. Nature always fights back. 

Left alone, the soil will always grow a diverse mix of plants. This is healthy. But when we nourish your lawn, the grass plant gets healthy and lush, the strengthening of the grass roots eventually makes weeds a smaller problem because it’s harder to see them. If there are any weeds hiding in your grass, they are usually so overpowered by the healthy grass that you don't notice them.

If you can't stand the thought of any weeds, we encourage non-poisonous methods like pulling, vinegar-based sprays, or you can spot spray with your own poison. Deblen will not try to kill weeds. 

Some people add clover into their lawn. This method adds a lushness of green color and does not prevent grass from growing. Look up images online, it is beautiful. Clover has a wonderful barefoot feel. Grass and Clover love growing around each other and our program makes both plants grow thick and lush.

Speaking of barefoot, Grounding is a new healthy trend that involves walking barefoot in our yards. We think it's great! This works best with live soil, so walking barefoot on a chemically treated yard won't work as well, since it's dead. Not to mention you are pulling poisons into your body, so don't go barefoot until Deblen takes over your lawn treatment.

Your pets and kids should NEVER run barefoot on chemically treated grass. Click here to learn about the hazards to PET health from yard chemicals, click here to learn about the hazards to HUMAN health.  

It's simple: your grass can be green, either nature's way or the toxic way, both look beautiful on the surface. The toxic way costs all of us the earth, healthy family & pets, clean lakes, and essential wildlife. On the other hand, Deblen offers the key to having the green grass you want, plus you can feel happy you are helping make every aspect of your yard healthy: trees, plants, pollinators, wildlife, family, and the lakes. Doesn't that sound great? We think so.

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