Collection: Business Opportunities with Eartheart!

Attention landscapers, tree professionals, and property management companies!


Would you like to expand your business and fill a growing need in your area?

Are you tired of having your crew use harmful chemicals with little benefit? Would you like to switch over to natural products but don’t know how or what to use?


Eartheart naturals is THE expert in the all natural field of disease care, pest control, and fungus control for all types of tree. We have developed our own products over the last 4 decades.

We have addressed and controlled virtually every tree ailment out there, including disease, root damage, transplant shock, winter damage, insect attack , etc.

Our success rate is in the 90% and higher category when intervention is early, and still quite successful when the tree is very sick. 


We train and supply successful companies with products and education that are unique, with untouchable results and residual income. 


Customers in your area are asking more and more for environmentally clean products, which is putting more pressure on professionals to offer a safe alternative that actually works. We are you answer! We are the only company that produces, applies, and sells our own products, and will train your crew how to use them. This is to help ensure you can become the premier All Natural tree care business in your area.


We provide you with 1 week of on-site training with one of our tree care professionals, showing you bidding techniques, diagnosing tips, equipment needs, and application methods. A full training on what products you will use, and the different types of services you can offer your customers. Access to wholesale prices on our products, ongoing email support, plus a start up supply of materials and equipment so you can start offering your existing client base your new services immediately.


Reach out to us today through the contact page, and make 2020 the year you add a powerhouse to your services lineup.

(Not available in Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, or Wisconsin)