What do Zucchinis & Elephants Have In Common?

Old Cliche      How do you eat an elephant?  Duh!  One bite at a time.
New Cliche     How does a bachelor eat a zucchini?  Duh!  One bite at a time.

Friday morning, August 14th, I woke up to every bachelor's nemesis. House cleaning and laundry day!!!  Always find a way to put it off as long as possible but couldn't think of a thing.  THEN, how about a nice home grown, home cooked breakfast?  That will take a while!  Went down to the garden and picked some kale, a green onion, a green pepper, a tomato and some arugula and retrieved the zucchini from the fridge that I picked yesterday to make a nice veggie omelet.

Started chopping.....going great until I came to the zucchini....what to do with most of it....and the green pepper and tomato! I chopped a piece of the zucchini, half the green pepper and half the tomato and put them in the omelet (delicious by the way) and dipped the zucchini, pepper and tomato remains in Fresh Bright and put on the shelf in the fridge.

Three days later had a nice salad from the garden and the fridge, still nice and crunchy.

Cut another piece of the zucchini and used all the green pepper and tomato.....Nice Salad..... Dipped the cut end of the zucchini in Fresh Bright.....back on the shelf in the fridge.

Next day made a nice pot of veggie soup....Yep another piece of the eleph...uh zucchini and fresh garden veggies. Dipped the cut end....back on the shelf. Next day (it has been 6 days since I picked it) I was so impressed that put it on the table and took a picture of the nice sealed cut end so white and clean....looked like the end was sealed with plastic but was just zucchini juice. T

hen, something was placed in front of it in the fridge and I forgot it was there. *FOR ANOTHER WEEK*! I thought for sure I had wasted the last piece.

*FRESH BRIGHT TO THE RESCUE.......*STILL CRISP AND JUICY..... *PICKED AUGUST 14TH EATEN AUGUST 27TH!!!!!* Thirteen day old remnant, not tough, not soft, just delicious!


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