Welcome to Eartheart Naturals Inc, where we are passionate about creating environmentally friendly products that help your garden, your orchard, or your farm grow like no other.

For too long people have relied upon poisonous, unsafe, and unstable products to grow their food.

We know there is a better way. Our business is based upon a simple premise – that nature gave us everything we need when it comes to the care, feeding, and protection of our plants.

Join us in our mission to make the world a more beautiful and healthier place. Show you have the earth in your heart with Eartheart

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Pet Bright
Pet Bright from $ 32.76
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Plant Bright
Plant Bright from $ 32.76
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Pool Bright
Pool Bright from $ 32.76
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Eartheart All Purpose Plant Food (18-16-9)
Eartheart All Purpose Plant Food (18-16-9) from $ 34.95
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Jack's Beansock Garden
Jack's Beansock Garden $ 239.95
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Eartheart Tree & Shrub (18-16-9)
Eartheart Tree & Shrub (18-16-9) from $ 34.95
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Eartheart Organic Fence
Eartheart Organic Fence from $ 59.95
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1/2" Whole House Unit
Energy Water System from $ 399.00
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For the Love of Soil

September 11, 2014

We've always know what an amazing experience gardening can have in people's lives. It's a wonderful way to connect with your family as a group activity and to connect with nature by helping something grow. A recent article by Dr. Mercola describes the benefits of gardening for brain health.

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Save Hundreds on Grocery Bills With This Simple Trick

June 09, 2014

It happens all the time in households across America.  You went to the grocery store and saw that they had an amazing sale on fresh produce. Driven by the urge to take advantage of a great deal and ensure you're family is eating right, you load up and bring it home. But then, within just a few days, you take out the container of blue berries to put into your morning oatmeal to find that they've already become shriveled or moldy. What started as a great deal on produce turns into yet another grocery disappointment and food tossed in the trash. And as a result of these disappointments, families end up buying less and less produce - the exact opposite...

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