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Welcome to Eartheart Naturals Inc.  We make environmentally safe plant food products for trees, vegetables, flowers, and houseplants. 

Our earth needs protecting. There is no denying that the use of harmful chemicals in our atmosphere, water, and soil are ruining the earth. Our products are designed to bring the soil and plant-life back in balance. Eartheart™ Plant Food’s primary plant nutrients are derived from mined potassium sulfate, and kelp extracts. Eartheart™ uses only premium quality products, specially formulated for shrubs, gardens, and feeding of trees.

Why Does Eartheart Have Kelp in it?

Kelp is just what it implies, vegetable plants that grow on the ocean floor. Specific types of Kelp are used in specific products. Some are added to cosmetics, and one type is added to premium quality ice cream for smooth texture and frost crystal resistance. The Kelp, called potassium alginate, in Eartheart is an extract, or squeezed juices that are dried into a water-soluble powder. Basically, the potassium alginate has specified jobs to do for the plants or crops Eartheart is applied to. Here are some of those jobs:

•  Activate root growth in cooperation with phosphate. •  Prevent transplant shock, with trace minerals. •  Speed “green up” by promoting chlorophyll in leaves. •  Reduce “sunburn” by converting ions (light energy) into photosynthesis and growth. •  And most importantly, supply substantial amounts of all the trace minerals found in excellent soils, as on the ocean floor. Including the ones that are “locked up,” not available in over worked soils, sterile or polluted soils. Especially the minerals that man cannot duplicate or synthesize in chemical fertilizers. •  Most so-called ecological plant foods are leftovers from some other process. For example manure and sewage sludge; they are easy to dry and sell rather than hauling them to the landfill. And then there is blood meal and bone meal, both leftovers from the meat packing industry. They are highly cooked and sterilized for human safety, but it’s questionable as to how plants could use  them.

Eartheart contains absolutely NO leftover or unwanted components and the seaweed/kelp is of the highest quality. If you need more information about Kelp and their uses on plants, visit “Seaweed” on the internet and read all about it in Seaweed And Its Uses, by Dr. T.L. Senn, or contact us.





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PlantBright is an organic product manufactured by a proprietary process from mined minerals and pure water.

Contains no man-made chemical compounds

Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biogradable

Proven usage

Stimulates plant development and growth

Eliminates mold and fungus when applied to trees, plants and vegetables

Works in hydroponics, green houses, potted plants and in ground outside

Recommended application

Can be misted onto plants full strength or diluted up to 4 to 1 with water

Mix 2 oz PlantBright with 1 gallon of water, sprinkle to dampen soil

Can be added to irrigation water by batch mixing or

Add 2 oz of PlantBright to each gallon of water in hydroponic tank